St Louis river level RISING~ at 11.6′ and forecast 17.1by 3/9.  



Funds were sellers of an est 12K contracts and weaker with some spillover from wheat. Monday’s Export Inspections were hearty at  57.5 millbu vs expectations of 35-47 and 46 last week. Petrobras announced late last week that they were going to be cutting Brazilian gasoline prices 5.4% and decreasing diesel by 4.8% which should have a negative effects on ethanol demand. Sugar prices were also weaker today  as well.




Mixed but ended lower. Relatively good weather in SA, but weaker than expected exports without China buying and light Fund selling.  China’s import crush margins are now negative and seem to have Mar and most of April’s needs already on the books.   Our Export Inspections today were light at 25.9 vs expectations of 28 -39 mill bu.  In SA, trucks are slow getting into N Brazil due to lack of hard roads and recent wet conditions are a contributing factor.  Wed is Mar 1st and Funds could have a different appetite than what we’ve seen here at the end of Feb.




Technical and Fund selling ahead of First Notice Day,  pushing the nearby nearbys below several key moving avgs. Funds sold approx.  7k today despite Export Inspections being pretty decent at 19.8 mill vs expectations of 13 -20 mill bu.