Daily archive for January 19, 2017


Widespread rain hit Mato Grosso,Goias, and Tocantin two days in a row while Bahia stayed dry.  Argentina was hot and mostly dry with highs in the 90’s.  The next 6-10 days is hot/dry for a big portion of Argentina, S Brazil, and Paraguay. The newest forecast shows a particularly wet streak with 2.5” – 5” of rain in already flooded areas […]

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St Louis river level RISING ~ at 9.2′ and forecast 12.2‘ by 1/24.   CORN UNCHANGED The trade debates the flood impact in Argentina’s Cordoba/Santa Fe and N Buenos Aires regions where lack of roads is slowing down the damage assessment.  Hot/dry is now in their 10 day forecast.   BEANS      UP 6 Additional fund […]

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